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At XL, we use the strongest, highest quality materials to ensure optimum performance for all of our collars at competitive prices.

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One-piece shaft clamp wrap around the shaft for even distribution of clamping forces. This results in a tight fit and greater holding power, without the shaft damage caused by set screws. 

Bearing Locknuts

They offer the same performance and benefits as their round hole counterparts while offering additional functionality. Bearing locknuts are made of 1215 lead-free steel with a black oxide finish. 


Two-piece shaft clamp offer the same benefits as the one-piece style with added versatility and convenience. The split design is easy to install and remove, reducing labor and downtime when adjustment, removal or replacement is required.


Mountable shaft clamp are used to mount sensors, fixtures and other components to the collar or to each other. All styles of holes are threaded to fit standard caps, torx or set screws, allowing flexibility for what needs to be installed.

Double Wide

Double wide shaft clamp are manufactured in one-piece and two-piece clip styles. They hold 25% more grip than standard collars of the same size and type. Diameters range from 1/8″ to 2″ and 6mm to 25mm.

Thin Line

Thin line shaft clamp are designed for space and weight constraints in industries such as packaging, printing, medical and food, and are especially suitable for split hub assemblies such as encoders.

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty shaft clamp have larger outside diameters, widths and screws for applications requiring the highest retention force. They are manufactured in one-piece and two-piece clamp styles.


Keyed shaft clamp are typically used in positive drive applications to prevent slippage on the shaft. Additional components can be mounted to the collar to allow the components to rotate with the shaft.

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XL is considered the fastest growing manufacturer, exporter and trader with a global presence with its advanced high performance conveyor chain and power transmission products. We develop our brand value by offering a wider portfolio of high performance cranes. By supporting the power of advanced material handling equipment, we efficiently produce the shaft clamp that is in demand worldwide due to its robust construction, hassle-free functionality, excellent power transmission efficiency, superior tensile strength, increased safety and maximum user control.

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